Easy Transition from Mainstream to Adult Affiliate Marketing


The key to affiliate marketing success is to get people to buy…whether you are selling ipods, free credit reports, e-books or asian porn. Chances are, it isn’t your product you are selling so you need to be able to provide some form of value that gets the prospect to become a buyer. Similar so far right?

Well the truth is, mainstream affiliate marketers will actually have it pretty easy when making the transition. Why you ask? Because they have had more success selling a product that doesn’t necessarily sell itself. Lets be honest, when you are selling adult affiliate programs the buyer has one hand on their wallet and their other hand on their… well you know. If you have the right pictures, videos or whatever then they are quick to pay because you are dealing with a complete impulse buyer. Last I checked, going to a website to fill in my information, then complete a few surveys, and then completing even more offers is not exactly easy… yet this is how many of the mainstream programs work. If you have been able to convince someone that this is the right place to spend their time in mainstream, then you my friend are good at what you do. I have played around in the mainstream world and have had very little success.

Adult marketing pays nicely though… Yeah, the water is full of sharks… but most of the sharks don’t know what the hell they are doing. People often get into adult because they want to be in the “industry”, but don’t put in the work that is required. Let’s be honest, my ebook is based on learning how to be profitable in the industry quickly, but at the end of the day you have to actually work to make money… I don’t do it for you. So how do you make money in adult? Well let’s discuss that.

I am not going to break down the different niches, or the different types of adult sites because that is literally way too much information. Lets just assume that you are going to create a “landing page” or in the adult world a thumbnail gallery. You can create this with either a few movies, or even more pictures, and typically you will promote a specific website. The nice thing here is that once the person decides they like what they see, it is going to be very easy to convert. Why, well because they don’t have to go through 35 different surveys or fill out a number of different offers like netflix, or stamps.com, or sign up for a credit card. Chances are, you told them that it will cost them $19.99 a month, or they can have a 3 day trial at $4.99 or whatever the price is… So the buyer knows what they are getting to begin with. Now, hopefully like any other marketing partnership, you have talked with the company you are promoting and are familiar with their product. This way you know what the buyer is actually going to be getting. This helps you with the final big decision.

Do you want to take the one time lump sum payment, or go for recurring billing? Me, I always go for recurring billing because I know that I am promoting the good site out there. There are huge payouts for the lump sum guys, sometimes up to $100 to $200 for every person you get. But the benefit of the recurring billing is when you get the person that sticks, forgets they signed up and just keeps getting billed, or the holy grail – the whale! The whale is the guy that basically throws away every free dollar he makes on girls from cam sites… yeah, you can get lucky and be the guy that referred that whale and watch out!!! The money will just FLOW!

Anyway, I hope this gives you a good idea of how similar the whole process can be… and if not, start researching the adult industry. Those of you that give it a shot will be very happy.