Can You Make Money with Adult Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?


Yes, you can make money with adult pay per click affiliate programs. I know because I get checks every month from them. These types of affiliate programs have a bad reputation for not paying webmasters and accusing them of cheating the system. So I do recommend that you stick with trusted sponsors and follow the affiliate guidelines and terms of the sponsor and you can make money quickly.

Remember a sponsor has to make money from the traffic that you are sending in order to pay you, so remember to follow the following guidelines.

Adult Pay Per Click Guidelines That Will Make Sure You Get A Check!

(1) Don’t send fake traffic generated from hitbots, redirects, friends clicking on links and software generating automatic hits, it won’t work. Same as with any other PPC system.

(2) Don’t spam via email. This will result in instant cancellation of your account. Same as with any other PPC system.

(3) Don’t send traffic from non-english speaking websites unless your sponsor allows it. Most non-english speaking traffic is of little or no value to your sponsor. Chances are if you are reading this you speak english and should stick with what you know. Same as with any other PPC system.

(4) Don’t send your junk traffic, example: multiple exit consoles, traffic that was generated from a pop up that was generated from another pop up. These are multiple pop up windows that the surfer will be annoyed with and close them as fast as possible resulting in no profits generated for you or your affiliate sponsor. I send my sponsors decent traffic and I make money. You can do this simply with Text Links, Banner Ads, or even in Thumbnails! This is where you can really profit. Think about putting one of these links in every TGP you create!!

Most affiliate programs value productive webmasters. Keep in touch with your sponsor. If he or she doesn’t answer or respond to your questions, find another program fast! This is not a good sign, trust me. A good sponsor will take the time to keep a good relationship with it’s webmasters. I always email them for a phone contact so I get get to know them and if there is a problem work it out with them.

One of my most trusted adult sponsors I have had a productive relationship with them for over a year and have been paid on time every month.

Follow the rules and start making money today!